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by Dr. Tanya Yerigan on 01/25/16

Greetings Brave Students!
Yesterday several of you committed to taking the sugar and processed food challenge.  Here is where you put action to it.  Let us know who is joining us and who is supporting from the sidelines.
Today, I started out with grapefruit and coffee...a little tart without sugar but it tasted great!  I used to put a couple of heaping teaspoons of sugar on it.  So, it still an adjustment for me.  For dinner, I had fresh ground peanut butter, celery, and berries.  I mentioned that planning can be a little bit harder when eating clean so I put a couple of chicken breasts, peppers, and onions in the crock pot early this morning.  I think it will be a great Fajita supper.  We will be using romaine lettuce instead of processed wraps.  I am feeling great!  Oh, I am having my usual pot of coffee throughout the day though.  I am off-setting that with 80 ounces of water per day!  GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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1. Leanne C said on 1/25/16 - 04:12PM
I'm in... I can try anything for a week, right? Lunch was freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, black beans, & onions with leftover pork roast. Chicken something for supper...
2. Heather said on 1/25/16 - 07:14PM
I'm in too! Breakfast was scrambled eggs and a slice of bacon. Lunch was celery and a handful of Triscuit crackers. I drank ice water with fresh lemon all day. Supper is fried potatoes, hard-boiled egg, and a honey crisp apple. Craving a Dr. Pepper, but my kids are loving that I can't have one. They think this is great that mom can't have pop.(Maybe because we don't let them have any!)
3. Trista! said on 1/25/16 - 08:44PM
So pumped that I've survived the first day! Pat and I went grocery shopping last night to make sure we had plenty of fresh food supplies in the house. This morning I had a handful of almonds for breakfast. Lunch included a lettuce salad with cucumbers, egg, ham, radishes, and peppers and carrot sticks. Supper was a chicken breast with onions on rice. I've also managed to drink about 20 more ounces of water than I normally would. I'm not struggling with cravings or sugar withdrawls yet, but I expect tomorrow to be a little more difficult!
4. Jennifer said on 1/26/16 - 08:07AM
I started my sugar fast on Sunday evening with a meal of pot roast (from the cattle heard friends of ours raised) and roasted carrots and onions (from my garden) and parsnips. I drank water (instead of wine) tonight. I also hit the grocery store right after class, so motivation was fresh for fresh!
5. Jennifer said on 1/26/16 - 08:24AM
Full Day 1 Breakfast was a banana and coffee. Lunch was a salad and homemade tomato soup (my own canned tomatoes) and skim milk. Supper was crock pot chicken and peppers with home made black beans to avoid the canned additives. I also had an after noon snack of an apple and some peanuts and two bottles of water. I am feeling pretty good about Monday. Keep up the good work everyone!
6. Trista said on 1/26/16 - 09:20AM
Just wanted you all to know that there is angel cake with strawberries and cool whip in the teacher's lounge right now... This is going to be a long day...
7. Chris said on 1/26/16 - 11:42AM
I am not doing the challenge, but wish all of you good luck!! I will be checking in often!!!
8. Jennifer said on 1/26/16 - 11:56AM
Super Nachos for school lunch today---made me think of the kiddo from the video, Brandon (I think). Right now I am heating up my left over homemade minestrone soup and having fresh pineapple and water for lunch today.
9. Leanne said on 1/27/16 - 07:05AM
Snacking is the hardest part so far... Gone are the M&M's. Hello to a lot more natural sugars: kiwi, oranges, bananas, and apples!
10. Tanya said on 1/27/16 - 07:39AM
Yesterday, out of nowhere came the near uncontrollable desire for a fast food burger. Please note... I have not had one since the late 80's. Not sure where that came from. You'll be happy to know that I drove right past those Golden Arches. Anyway, I did head right to the grocery store to fill up my cart with more fresh and unprocessed foods. Lots of veggies, fruits, and nuts. I agree with Leanne. The snacking is tough. I have found a handful of almonds or blueberries have become my go to. I stepped on the scale today and since the start of this with the LQPV LC and to date, I am down 8 pounds...wow! Everyone keep up the great eating and sharing!!!
11. Trista said on 1/27/16 - 09:25AM
The best part about the process so far is not having that disgusting over-full feeling after I eat meals. Last night I had a perfectly grilled piece of steak and a salad with grapes, tomatoes, peppers, and carrots in it. Today, I started off with a banana for breakfast. (Note: there is still angel food cake in the lounge.) Continue to fight the cravings ladies!! We can do this!
12. Trista said on 1/27/16 - 09:27AM
Also...Congrats on the lost pounds Tanya!
13. Jennifer said on 1/27/16 - 10:53AM
What a difference adding more protein to my breakfast made. I ate an hard boiled egg this morning. This kept me going til right now as I am typing and finishing an orange. I didn't drink enough water last night and woke up with a head ache, but it quickly dissipated as the morning has wore on. Today's lunch will be left over homemade spaghetti meat sauce over a baked sweet potato and a banana. Water, water, water, too it's my goal to drink more today! Power on everyone. :)
14. Heather said on 1/27/16 - 09:11PM
Wow! So impressed with everyone's progress! Did you know that today is National Chocolate Cake Day? Doesn't that sound good right now? Anyways, the past couple of days have been challenging for me because I am SUCH a sweet tooth. I have eaten more veggies in the past two days than I have in the last month. Planning ahead is the key to success with this challenge. I've even thrown out all candy in my classroom for fear of being tempted. Tonight we enjoyed lemon-pepper chicken and fresh green beans. I am still waiting for that energy burst that others who have done this before have talked about.
15. Jennifer said on 1/27/16 - 10:07PM
I had the pleasure of eating super tonight with LeAnn and Sam's dad, small world. We were all at a drivers ed meeting. LeAnn and I selected nearly the same meal option! I had a steak with fresh veggies and a baked potato and water.... okay and one beer. I will need to restock my food options soon and plan ahead for this weekend. I am a little worried about having time off and how it will be more tempting to make food choices when I am not so busy.
16. Trista said on 1/28/16 - 09:01PM
Still going strong, but I am craving all things sugary and sweet. For lunch I had leftover chicken breast with cooked peppers and onions on rice. For supper I had scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh pineapple. The pineapple has mildly subsided my sugar craze. I can't believe we are already more than halfway through our week long cleanse! Keep it up team!
17. Ashley said on 1/29/16 - 11:59PM
Nice job so far ladies!!! You all have way more will power than I do!! While I didn't completely join this challenge, I did make a point to go shopping and buy better food. My husband and I both agree that we need to stop keeping junk food in the house. If it's there, we'll eat it. But if it's not, it's not like I'm going to make a trip to the store for some chips! I even took my 5 year old shopping and told her we have to start eating better. She was willing to try some fruits and veggies she never had before and she liked them! My 4 and 5 year old LIKE broccoli!!! Who knew!? Keep up the hard work through the weekend girls!! You guys ROCK!!!
18. Tanya said on 1/30/16 - 07:55AM
The comments are all great! I have very little cravings for junk food. Especially when I read the label and see all the yucky sugar in there. Except when I read about angel food cake in the lounge. I LOVE angel food cake. About a decade ago, I literally ate an entire one myself and ended up horribly sick. The only trace of that cake was an entry in my person record book of shame. Anyway, I went out for supper last night and everyone ate all these yummy far sugary foods (including my program breaking husband) but not me. I had a small/lean steak and a salad with no dressing. No sad faces...it was delicious! Without all that fatty sugary dressing I could actually taste the lettuce, tomatoes and bits of parmasean.
19. Tanya said on 1/30/16 - 07:58AM
I am so proud of all of you and the support you are sharing. Brace for the weekend! It might be easier or harder depending on your cupboards and fridge. Ever since I cleaned mine out, it's my safe haven! Anyone interested in another week of this????? Gotta go...hubby has a belly buster waiting for me! What's that you ask? It's an over medium egg topped with slices of avocado and Roma tomatoes.
20. Jennifer said on 2/3/16 - 12:08PM
This weekend was harder because of the access and unpredictability of our schedule. We ended up ice fishing and it was a day of decision to participate in the tourney. So, I brought some healthful snack along and did the best I could with the circumstances. Sunday was a healthy food focused shopping trip.
21. Tanya said on 2/4/16 - 08:00AM
Who's still with us?

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