All members of the Center for Scholastic Inquiry are eligible to apply for research scholarships.  Each quarter, CSI awards a $250 scholarship.  Members may use the funds for action and academic research initiatives in the fields of education, business and the behavioral sciences.   To support and advance as much academic research as possible, members are eligible to receive one research scholarship per year.

Members can apply by completing and submitting the scholarship application form.

                                                                                          (You can find this number on your membership confirmation email from CSI).

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CSI Members | Scholarship for Research in Education, Behavioral Sciences & Business

Please carefully review the information above.  Be sure you have included a timeline 
and explained all acronyms.  If everything is accurate and complete, please click submit.  

Thank you for your submission.  The Center for Scholastic Inquiry will carefully review your application and consider your action or academic research project.  CSI will notify scholarship recipients of their award via email.
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Scholarship Cycle

   Application Received             Award Announced
   January-March                         April 15
   April-June                                 July 15
   July-September                        October 15
   October-December                  January 15