The Center for Scholastic Inquiry hosts multiple annual academic research conferences to highlight leading edge scientific research and scholarly inquiry in the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences.  CSI’s premier destination education, behavioral science and business research conferences are held in a variety of amazing locations to draw a diverse range of academic research and a distinctive community of learned contributors.

If you are interested in learning more about one of our upcoming conferences, click on "2021 conferences" on the brown navigation bar at the top of this page or on one of the conference sites below.  If you are interested in reviewing a recent conference, click on "archive" on the brown navigation bar above.  

Multidisciplinary conference sessions are offered in a variety of interactive formats so that attendees can participate in multiple sessions and come away with enhanced knowledge and a variety of validated strategies to enhance their professional development and practice.  Additionally, for each conference, CSI carefully selects and invites keynote speakers with exceptional records of professional service and broad-based expertise in education, business or behavioral science.  Keynote addresses at CSI academic research conferences are dynamic presentations that provide our attendees with action principles and exciting strategies which transcend disciplines, advance best practice and enhance professional development. 

CSI’s education, business and behavioral science conferences are an opportunity for all education, business and behavioral science professionals serving at any level and in any capacity to share and explore both validated practice and pioneering concepts to advance knowledge, professional practice and scholarship. All scholarly research is welcome for submission.
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Academic, Behavioral Sciences & Business Research Conferences

Attendees selected to present at CSI’s academic research conferences are chosen based on the scoring of our detailed rubric and the following criteria:
  • Ground-breaking research focus                                                          
  • Revolutionary theory                                                                           
  • Innovative technique                                                                            

All conference submissions are peer-reviewed using a detailed rubric.  Peer review rubrics are always returned with a declination decision.  The peer review comments/rubric will be returned to the prospective presenter upon request and/or at our discretion but never until the presenter formalizes his/her acceptance to present.  With the magnitude of submissions CSI receives, we simply do not have the resources to provide detailed information with every informal acceptance.

Awards will be conferred for the best presentations from each conference session, as determined by attendee peer review (additional rubric completion).  Best paper awards will also be presented, as determined by executive board voting.  Best Papers are eligible (upon successful peer review) for publication in the Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s academic journals.  Unless the contributor requests otherwise, all abstracts for accepted papers will be published in CSI’s online conference proceedings.  CSI’s online conference proceedings are not copyrighted; therefore, accepted papers remain eligible for submission to other academic journals and research conferences.
  • Landmark scientific findings
  • Promotion of best practice
  • Elevation of evidence-based practice
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