People gathered at a Business Research Conference
People gathered at an Education Research Conference
People gathered at a Behavior Sciences Conference
People gathered at a Business Research Conference
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Academic, Business, Behavioral Science Research Conference

​CSI’s international academic research conference  offer three tracks: Education, Business and Behavioral Sciences. Each track provides a scholarly opportunity for professionals to enhance their practice by exploring contemporary advancements, revolutionary methods, influential trends, best practice models and leadership techniques.  In the event the submissions from the three disciplines are unbalanced, CSI reserves the right to run multidisciplinary tracks.  

The Education Track provides a colloquium for professionals and practitioners, pre-K though higher education, to share scholarly research that emphasizes inquiry, distinguishes evidence-based practice, fosters best practice and validates promising methods. Academic and action research on all education issues is welcome. Topical areas may include administration, early childhood education, primary education, elementary education, secondary education, vocational-technical education, alternative education, special education, higher education, international education, change agency, educational leadership, pedagogy, curriculum and instruction, contemporary issues, education legislation and funding and related subjects.

The Business Track provides a scholarly assembly for business educators, secondary through higher education, professionals and practitioners to highlight and investigate academic and action research, discovery and evidence-based practice. Areas of study may include topics in business, economics, business information systems, international business, business management, accounting, business law, business ethics, management information systems, finance, foreign trade, international politics, instructional strategies, curriculum design and related subjects.

The Behavioral Sciences Track provides a forum for behavior sciences faculty, secondary through higher education, professionals and practitioners to explore research that perpetuates thought leadership and represents critical enrichment in the areas of addiction, addiction counseling, adolescence and youth, adult development, aging, applied psychology, clinical psychology, clinical social work, developmental psychology, environmental psychology, human development, industrial organizational psychology, social movements, social structure, social work, sociology, professional counseling and therapy, psychology, relapse prevention, school psychology, school social work, substance use and abuse, and related fields of focus.
Academic Research Conference
Behavior Science Research Conference
Education Research Conference
Education Research Conference
Behavior Science Research Conference
Join the Center for Scholastic Inquiry at one of our destination conferences.  Our team works diligently to ensure a great experience for you and your colleagues.  The conference host cities are carefully selected based upon our previous attendee preferences.  The selected cities and venues have world class dining, and outstanding opportunities for art and cultural experiences.

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