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Dr. Frederick Smiley 

Dr. Frederick Smiley, Montana State University-              Northern,  is our most recent research scholarship recipient.  We are proud to support Dr. Smiley's research "Compassion Fatigue: Teacher's Perspectives and Applications".  

All CSI members are eligible to apply for research funding.  Each quarter, we award one $250 grant to be used by members to subsidize research initiatives.  
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Current Service:  I teach undergraduate courses in Diversity and Social Studies Methods with a focus on urban education, equity, and social justice.  I also teach Transition to Teaching graduate students entering education. I serve as an educational advisor for two upcoming educational seminars at the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, one is about American Indian stereotypes and the other features Billy Mills. I contribute to several different curriculum development projects that focus on program redesign, technology integration, and online development. I am also a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners ( and the National Council for Social Studies teachers (NCSS).​
Research Interest:   My interests include developing visual models as a way to increase learning and understanding, cultivating methods for teacher interns to create culturally responsive curriculum, and transforming students into empowered, autonomous learners. Most recently, I have developed a transformative curriculum framework for equity that I am using to improve and study urban pre-service teacher preparation.
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​I was interested in meeting like-minded people who believe growing and learning is fostered through developing relationships and sharing research in a retreat-like format. I came away from my first CSI conference exhilarated with new research ideas, renewed and ready to advance my own research interests. I connected with people from diverse backgrounds who shared a real passion for their work and decided “I want to be part of this!” CSI allows me to work with authentic people around scholarship that matters. 
Dr. Lonni Gill
Clinical Assistant Professor, 
School of Education 
Indiana University
Indianapolis, IN, USA
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