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​The Center for Scholastic Inquiry was established with the express mission of providing education, business and behavioral science professionals with a scholarly forum for exploring and sharing the latest academic research in their respective fields. CSI’s purpose is to create communities of practice that advance the professions of education, business and behavioral sciences, develop thought leadership and increase the body of validated knowledge about evidence-based practice, best practice and landmark practice.

To achieve this objective, the Center for Scholastic Inquiry hosts elite academic conferences that promote contemporary research and scholarly inquiry. Additionally, for 10 years CSI published unrivaled peer-reviewed journals which feature quantitative and qualitative scientific research on a variety of germane education, business and behavioral sciences topics.  In late 2020, CSI made the difficult decision to stop publishing our journals.  We do continue to house the great journals that were produced.

The Center for Scholastic Inquiry is focused on offering powerful academic conferences and publishing prominent, juried academic research to advance the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences. In that capacity, CSI’s team insists on and meets the most distinguished benchmarks for publication of academic journals and selection of scholarly research for academic conference presentation. The Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s editorial team assures that all academic research submissions are evaluated by an unbiased, double-blind refereed process. CSI stipulates and expects that all practitioners and professionals submit original, unpublished work in accordance with its code of ethics.

By honoring these tenets, The Center for Scholastic Inquiry can feature and endorse the most exceptional and progressive scholarly research in the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences in order to promote academic research, advance best practice and champion professional authority and expertise.

About CSI | Academic, Behavioral Science & Business Research Conferences

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​• Accounting
• Adolescence and Youth
• Adult Development
• Adult Education
• Aging
• Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
• Alternative Education
• Applied Psychology
• Business
• Business Administration
• Business Ethics
• Business Law
• Change Agency
• Clinical Counseling
• Clinical Psychology
• Clinical Social Work
The Center for Scholastic Inquiry is an international organization committed to serving and saluting professionals and academic researchers who have devoted their training and careers to education, business and the behavioral sciences.  The CSI seeks enthusiastic practitioners and professionals who are dedicated to discovery and evidence-based practice in the following (and related) areas:
​• Community Social Work
• Developmental Disorders
• Developmental Psychology
• Early Childhood Education
• Education Administration
• English as a Foreign Language
• English as a Second Language 
• Environmental Psychology
• Facilitation
• Finance
• Foreign Trade
• Guidance Counseling
• Higher Education
• Human Development
• Individual Therapy
• Information Systems
​• Information Management Systems
• International Business
• International Politics
• K-12 Education
• Leadership
• Learning
• Management
• Marriage and Family Therapy
• Memory and Learning
• Relapse Prevention
• School Counseling
• School Social Work
• Social Movements
• Special Education
• Social Structure
• Teaching