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Why publish with CSI?
​PEER REVIEW PROCESS:  The Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s editorial team assembles independent committees to assure that all academic research submissions are evaluated by an unbiased, double-blind refereed process. 

All journal submissions are rigorously reviewed by CSI’s editorial staff and by a minimum of two peers in a juried process so that the Center for Scholastic Inquiry's publications feature and endorse only the most exceptional and progressive scholarship in the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences in order to promote academic research, advance best practice and champion professional authority and expertise.  

ETHICAL STANDARDS IN PUBLISHING:  The Center for Scholastic Inquiry insists on and meets the most distinguished benchmarks for publication of academic journals to foster the advancement of accurate scientific knowledge and to defend intellectual property rights. 

CSI stipulates and expects that all practitioners and professionals submit original, unpublished manuscripts in accordance with its code of ethics and ethical principles of academic research and writing.

ACCEPTANCE RATE:  The overall initial acceptance rate for the Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s journals is roughly 25%.  However, authors are encouraged and welcome to revise and resubmit their manuscripts within one year if their research is initially declined.
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FOCUS AND SCOPE:  The Center for Scholastic Inquiry (CSI) is focused on recognizing, celebrating and highlighting scholarly research, discovery and evidence-based practice in the fields of education, business and behavioral science.

The Center for Scholastic Inquiry publishes academic and action research that emphasizes leading edge inquiry, distinguishes and fosters best practice and validates promising methods. Qualitative, quantitative and mixed method study designs representing diverse philosophical frameworks and perspectives are welcome. In its journals of scholastic inquiry, CSI publishes papers that perpetuate thought leadership and represent critical enrichment in the fields of education, business and behavioral sciences.

The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business (JOSI:B) may include topics in business, economics, business information systems, international business, business management, accounting, business law, business ethics, management information systems, finance, foreign trade, international politics and related fields.

The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Behavioral Sciences (JOSI:BS) may include topics in sociology, psychology, social work, addiction counseling, professional counseling and therapy, adolescence and youth, adult development, aging, applied psychology, clinical psychology, school psychology, developmental psychology, environmental psychology, clinical social work, school social work, human development, social movements, social structure, addiction, relapse prevention, substance use and abuse, and related fields.

The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education (JOSI:E) may include topics in administration, early childhood education, primary education, elementary education, secondary education, vocational-technical education, alternative education, special education, higher education, adult education, international education, change agency, educational leadership and related fields.

The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Business (JOSI:B), The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Behavioral Sciences (JOSI:BS) and The Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education (JOSI:E) are vital resources for luminaries, pioneers, practitioner and professionals in the fields of business, behavioral sciences and education, respectively.

Editor-in-Chief:  Dr. Dennis Lamb, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN

Guidelines for publishing in CSI's Academic Research Journals

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Reputation:   You will elevate your status as a scholar-practitioner and develop your professional reputation and credentials through presentation and publication.

Research Support: When you become a member of the Center for Scholastic Inquiry, you are eligible for a quarterly scholarship to fund your research initiatives.

Exposure:  CSI’s journals are published digitally and in print. Therefore, your research will be available in the libraries of subscribing institutions and organizations and widely accessible online and on our website to a global audience.  

Pre-publication review:  CSI reviews manuscripts to ensure that the writing is scholarly, the study design is sound, and the research is significant and innovative. The research we publish is the most academically and scientifically meritorious. 

Exceptional peer review:  CSI’s refereed process provides a constructive forum for feedback to ensure that your scholarship is outstanding and meets the highest standards for academic research.

Copyright:  You retain ownership of your research and writing under the terms of CSI’s publication agreement.

In-house editing:  CSI offers competitively priced editing services to improve support acceptance of your manuscript for publication.

Archiving:  Your research is permanently available in CSI’s online publication collection.

International Collegiality:  Publishing with CSI makes you a member of an elite group of scholars and practitioners who are contributing to the body of research in their field and influencing paradigms and practices on a worldwide platform.

Competitive Pricing:  CSI’s prices for editing are among the most economical in the industry. 

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