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Center for Scholastic Inquiry | Manuscript Guide

Additional Details:

   • All papers must be original, unpublished research.  Papers published in conference proceedings are acceptable so   
      long as the proceedings are not copyrighted or you were granted and provide a copyright release with your manuscript 

   • Prior to publication, papers may be reviewed with plagiarism detection software. Papers exceeding minimal levels of 
      non-original content  (excluding direct quotations and references) will be returned for revision and resubmission.

   • All submitting authors agree to serve as peer reviewers on two papers submitted by other authors for publication 

   • The Center for Scholastic Inquiry only publishes papers that are aligned with our express mission of advancing the 
      professions of education, business and behavioral sciences, developing thought leadership and increasing the body of 
      validated knowledge about evidence-based practice, best practice and landmark practice.

   • The Center for Scholastic Inquiry reserves the absolute right to refuse publication of any reviewed submission.

Submissions to CSI journals must comply with manuscript guidelines.  Authors are encouraged to 
thoroughly review CSI's guidelines and their manuscripts prior to submission.  

Manuscripts that do not meet the guidelines will be returned for revision and resubmission.
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