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Course Description:

This variable credit course offers professionals the opportunity to earn university credit while developing reflective practice, practical activities and effective strategies based on knowledge attained while attending the Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s academic research conference.  Learners will attend the research conference and then, within their own professional setting, explore the content and process for design, implementation and evaluation of the research.  

Course Specifics:

Course Date(s):  The dates of the conference
This course will be held via a blend of conference attendance, workplace lab and communication between learners and facilitator.

Earn Graduate Credit with CSI: Critical Reflection on Research

Course Requirements:

Students must attend all general and one session per breakout at the conference and complete all follow-up assignments.  This does not mean attending every available breakout session, but one presentation per breakout session.  This course is offered for variable credit.  Students registering for 1 credit must attend one conference day and complete objectives/outcomes 1-3.  Students registering for 2 credits must attend two conference days and complete objectives/outcomes 1-5; and students registering for 3 credits must attend all three conference days and complete objectives/outcomes 1-6.  

Required Readings/Resources:

Required readings are based on the handouts and resources provided by individual presenters in the conference general and individual breakout sessions.
Course Objectives/Outcomes

   • Identify professional goals
   • Gather and evaluate research content
   • Integrate and assess learning
   • Develop and implement an action plan
   • Develop and complete an evaluation plan
   • Create an annotated bibliography

Course Activities:

   • Defining how attending the research conference relates to your professional goals 
   • Attending all general conference sessions and a session during each breakout and writing narrative summaries of each session
   • Reflecting on and synthesizing your conference experience and your professional goal statement and assessing the pertinence of  
      the information gained from the session
   • Developing and implementing an action plan to enhance your professional practice based on what you learned at the conference
   • Developing and conducting an evaluation plan
   • Creating an annotated bibliography that includes all of the resources reviewed, researched and used while completing course 
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Methods of Assessment:

Each activity in this course is designed so that the learner can explore contemporary academic and action research within the framework of his/her professional practice.  The following learning artifacts will represent your learning and will be evaluated by the course facilitator:  professional goal statement, conference attendance and session summaries, reflective paper, action plan, evaluation report and annotated bibliography.

Click to view the scoring rubric for this course.
Course Fees:

   • Administrative Fee:  $25 (US$)
   • Tuition Fees:  $150 per credit (US$)

Course Registration:

Course registration will open prior to the conference.  At that time, you will receive a courtesy email reminder from CSI regarding this opportunity to earn graduate credit.  The reminder will include a course registration link.  As this course is AE-designated (Adult Education), it is a suitable graduate credit option for conference attendees in the education, business or behavioral sciences track.