Step 1:  Prepare your manuscript according to the format and content requirements listed below.


General Formatting:
   • Microsoft-Word compatible
   • Letter-size (8.5 x 11 inches) format
   • Spacing is 1.50
   • Times New Roman, 12-point font
   • One-inch margins
   • Left justification
   • Single column
   • Two spaces following end punctuation
   • Portrait orientation
   • First-person
   • American Psychological Association (APA) Sixth Edition Publication Guidelines

Manuscript Order:
   • Title
   • Author's Name
   • University/College Affiliation
   • Author Biography
   • Abstract  ​
   • Keywords 
   • Body of Paper (sections)
   • References (adhere to APA 6th Edition)
   • Tables & Figures
   • Appendices (if applicable)
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Submitting Education, Behavioral Sciences and Business Research

Step 2: Consider submitting your manuscript to CSI.   What is the manuscript review process?  Let us explain...

  • Is the writing scholarly? Specifically, is the writing formal? Does it convey original thought and a unique perspective on existing research?  
  • Is the research significant? Specifically, does it address an important question or significant issue in the field? 
  • Is the research innovative? Specifically, do the experiments challenge current paradigms or develop a novel approach or new tool? 

The manuscript review is an extremely time-intensive and comprehensive process.  It is a step in our process that has greatly reduced the rate of frivolous submissions as well as declinations during the peer review process.  We are very proud that our manuscript review is the only fee associated with publication in one of CSI's journals.  The review is conducted by a doctoral-level reviewer and generally takes 2-3 hours.  If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the review fee will be credited to our editing team.  They will spend one-hour reviewing your manuscript for general and APA editing.  Our standard review takes roughly 2-4 weeks.  If you need a quicker response, you have the option to upgrade to an expedited review.  With an expedited review, we will provide you with our preliminary decision within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).  ​Please note, the manuscript review process does NOT result in a publication decision.  That decision is made by our editorial team following our rigorous double-blind peer review process.  
                                                         Standard Service                Expedited Service-optional                          Maximum Page Length
Manuscript Review Service          $95 per manuscript             $150.00 per manuscript                                 15 pages (1.50 spaced)

PLEASE NOTE:  CSI has a nominal $95 manuscript review fee (which is later given back with one hour of free editing), 

​Step 3: Upload your paper to the Center for Scholastic Inquiry.  Click to begin the MANUSCRIPT REVIEW process.

   • Submit your paper as a word file.
   • Specify in which of CSI’s journals you are seeking inclusion:  Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education (JOSI:E)Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: 
      Business (JOSI:B) or Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Behavioral Sciences (JOSI:BS).  In the event that a journal is not specified, the editorial team will      
     determine the most suitable title for your paper.

Within 2 to 4 weeks, the Center for Scholastic Inquiry will email a notification of preliminary acceptance or declination.  This is NOT an acceptance for publication.

   • If your manuscript is preliminarily accepted, your manuscript will be prepared and sent for peer review.  
   • If your manuscript is declined, we encourage you to polish your writing and refine your manuscript before resubmitting for further 
​Step 4:  Consider CSI's editing services--OPTIONAL

​Editing services are optional; however, if authors forgo editing services, CSI reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not meet our editorial standards.  CSI offers two types of editing services including general editing and APA editing.

Our general editing is a comprehensive package that includes proofreading grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style, clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language, maintaining appropriate tone and gender neutrality.  

CSI's APA editing includes aligning the manuscript with CSI style guidelines and ensuring the manuscript is compliant with the APA 6th Edition.    

                                                 Standard Service                   Expedited Service                    Maximum Length
General Editing                    $300 per manuscript              $100 additional fee                    15 pages
APA Editing                          $175 per manuscript              $100 additional fee                    15 pages
Editing Bundle *                  $395 per manuscript              $495 per manuscript                 15 pages                 

Manuscripts over 15 pages will be considered on an individual basis at a rate of $15 for each additional page.  Please contact CSI directly for arrangements.  

Our editors will return your manuscript within 14 business days.   Expedited editing will be completed within 5 business days.  The Center for Scholastic Inquiry reserves the right to exclude any manuscript from any editorial services.  

   • If you elect not to use CSI's editing services, please proceed to Step 5.

Step 5:  Read and understand your rights and responsibilities pursuant to CSI's publication agreement. 

Publication Agreement and Assurance of Integrity

By submitting a manuscript for publication, authors confirm that the research and writing is their exclusive, original, unpublished work.  During CSI's review process, authors agree that there manuscript is not and will not be under review by any other publication(s).  Upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication, authors grant the Center for Scholastic Inquiry, LLC the sole and permanent right to publish the manuscript, at its option, in one of its academic research journals, on CSI's website, in other germane academic publications, and/or on an alternate hosting site or database. Additionally, all authors consent to participate as a peer reviewer of two submissions from other authors for the Center for Scholastic Inquiry's juried process.  Upon invitation, authors agree to complete reviews with comments within 30 days of receipt of such notice.  Authors retain copyright ownership of their research and writing for all other purposes.
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*The editing bundle includes both general editing and APA editing of a manuscript 15 pages or less (with 1.50 spacing).
For detailed submission guidelines and to be certain your manuscript is properly formatted for publication, please review the following Center for Scholastic Inquiry resources: 

Manuscript Submission Guidelines
Manuscript Template 

    Publication Manuscripts (due 7/1)